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The Herald Sun did an article on the 40th Anniversary of Sgt. Peppers back in 2007 and they rang me to get some information on the album. as they were planning a big special for June 1: The day Sgt. Pepper was released. I mentioned to them that June 1 was when it was released in the UK but in Australia it was released on July 28 1967 nearly 2 months later than in the UK. They weren't interested and decided to celebrate the 1st of June as if was a big day in many Australian record collectors life. In those Days imports of newly released records were at least 6 weeks away at least. So only people returning from the UK after June 1 would have had a copy prior to late July. 

Some say that record reviews never really were of any consequence until the arrival of Sgt. Pepper as this was the album which made people take pop music seriously. This could be true but I'm sure earlier Beatles albums probably created more in depth reaction in reviews.  

sgt everybodys


Everybody's an Australian Magazine from the 50's and 60's reviewed the album on it's release and highlighted the fact that the music wasn't that accessible which many would laugh at today as we've now heard much more obscure styles of music which make Pepper seem like pop.  However many modern record buyers find Pepper has not aged as well as other Beatles albums namely Rubber Soul, Revolver and The White Album and this is a fair call as Pepper is drenched in psychedelia and was largely responsible for creating that movement. Still it stands as a masterpiece of modern music and it's hard to write off an album that contains A Day In The Life. Apple's reluctance to include bonus tracks with Beatles releases has prevented the inclusion of Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields from CD releases of Pepper. These two songs were intended to be on the album but rush released as a single prior to the albums release. The Beatles policy of not including singles on their albums kept the tracks isolated till the release of Magical Mystery Tour. The inclusion of those two tracks would have put the status of this album in the untouchable zone. Not many bands would leave songs like that off their albums today.

Pepper competition

pepper competition 2

Above: Everybody's competition to win a copy of Pepper from August 2 1967.

30 January 2014

This week saw the release of the Beatles American Albums on CD. This time complete in one box rather than the previous issue which was incomplete in 2 boxes. The unusual feature of this release is of course the omission of Magical Mystery Tour which was in fact an American Album. It was released as an EP in the UK and Australia with the Album only being released here after it appeared in America and the UK. Initially In Australia the only way to get the album unless you were importing it was through an organization called The World Record Club.

This version didn't contain a Booklet or a gatefold cover just a colour shot of The Beatles standing in front of the piano from the "I Am The Walrus" section of the TV Show. It is however now quite a rarity in Australia and fetches a better price than the official release.


The World Record Club also released Van Morrison's first solo album "Blowin' Your Mind" and as with all their releases the album had unique cover art. As far as I know this is the only form that the album was released in Australia. In the early seventies imported deletion copies of the album on the Bang label flooded stores in Melbourne and the album was quite easy to pick up. Not so today however. Also at the time a Best Of compilation containing 5 tracks from Blowin' Your Mind (Brown Eyed Girl, Goodbye Baby, Ro Ro Rosey, He Ain't Give You None, Spanish Rose) and unreleased cuts from the Bang sessions was also available in the Import Shops. The Album was on the President label and contained 5 unreleased tracks. It's All Right, Send Your Mind, The Smile You Smile, The Back Room and Joe Harper Saturday Morning. This very rare album would contain the only release of these 5 songs till the CD age.

blowin your mind

Above: The World Record Club release of "Blowin' Your Mind".


Above: Bang release of "Blowin' Your Mind". 


Above: The Best Of Van Morrison. 

14 January 2014

I started this page just to put up articles and info about record collecting as I have been doing it for most of my life. I collect lots of types of records from 60's, 70's stuff through to discs with weird cover art and records done by celebrities who really have no place in the studio. I collected records in the Melbourneduring the sixes and seventies this is where most of the specialist shops were.  Of course Record Fairs played a big part in collecting during the eighties and nineties but as CD gradually took hold the shops began to disappear and it was at Markets Op-shops and Garage Sales where I found the best bargains.

During the Sixties and Seventies my brother began making a scrap book of reviews of records he thought might be worth purchasing. I eventually took it over and kept adding reviews for years. Most of the reviews came from Go-Set and were done by Ed Nimmervol. I met Ed some years later when I guested on a friends radio show where Ed Was Kind enough to sign my scrap book.

It was because of some of these reviews that my brother began to move away from typical chart pop music to more alternative artists. Consequently I followed This kind of began for us when we read the review for Astral Weeks by Van Morrison.

astral weeks

Astral Weeks Review